High dynamic range RF/Photonic link

In advanced radar systems a special analog fiber-optic link connects remote antenna with a radar signal processor. The optic link provides light weight, low loss and immunity to electro-magnetic interference. However, this application requires a large dynamic range that is beyond the reach of conventional optical links. To solve this difficult problem, we are developing novel RF photonic link with ultra-high dynamic range.

Hybrid ACP-OPLL Receiver

Monolithic ACP-OPLL Receiver

Chip level integrated photonic radar frontend

An entire photonic radar frontend is integrated on a single photonic IC chip. It amplifiers and frequency down-converts the antenna signal to intermediate frequency (IF) band. It is for radar frontend applications where a fiber-optic link is unnecessary. This chip should outperform the electronic radar frontend while maintaining similar size, weight and power efficiency.

Radar frontend on photonic integrated circuit

Microwave photonic signal processor

RF photonics group is developing photonic integrated circuit chips that perform microwave signal processing functions using novel photonic mechanisms. The goal is to develop chip-level integrated photonic microsystems that outperform current microwave millimeter wave integrated circuits (MMIC) and ultimately realize replacement.

RF frequency mixer on photonic integrated circuit

Integration technologies

RF photonics group is investigating integration technologies between heterogeneous material systems including: Si, III-V, and electro-optic crystal wafers such as LiNbO3.

Photonic component technologies

RF photonics group is investigating high performance optical modulators, photodetectors and lasers for microwave photonic applications.

High power photodetector

Bandpass ACP phase modulator

Thin film LiNbO3 modulator

InGaAsP MQW phase modulator

Linearized MQW intensity modulator